Contact me via email with your queries and preference of apartment at Villa Fonty Housing. Then once you have made your choice, a one month deposit and one month rent will be required in advance please. This is normally done by bacs, our bank details will be provided. Please note transfer fees apply. The deposit is guaranteed and will be reimbursed to your French bank account. Rent is due on the first day of each month. A copy of your passport as well as a letter from the Insead Business School confirming your status there will be required.


If residents do not have a bank account in France, they are required to pay for the full period of time of their stay. If a resident intends to return to Villa Fonty Housing after the Summer, their belongings can be stored safely at the premises.



Rent is paid by standing order on the first day of each month. The guaranteed deposit will be reimbursed once your keys have been returned, and the apartment inspected and checked. The deposit will be paid by bank transfer to your bank account in France.

We kindly ask that the apartments be returned as they were found at the beginning of your stay. We appreciate that natural wear and tear of things occurs, do notify us if things get damaged or need replacing.

In the event of wanting to sub-let an apartment to another MBA student from Wharton or Singapore, the landlord will use his discretion. Contact them first and to discuss it.

It is the resident’s responsibility to pay the rent on time, on the first day of each month, and to respect the terms above.

Thank you for choosing Villa Fonty Housing. 


Villa Fonty Housing

12 Rue Bouquet,

77300 Fontainebleau


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Villa Fonty Housing

A charming residence for MBA students at the Insead Business School