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Villa Fonty is a 1850s renovated townhouse, 5 mins away from the Insead. Its ideal location is between the campus and the town centre where you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants and facilities.

The townhouse is divided into 3 private apartments and 1 shared attic apartment with several communal areas. The apartments have a private bathroom and toilet, lots of natural light, with windows facing south. A router and two repeaters provide WIFI throughout the house.

A charming garden offers an outdoor space where residents can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and sit in the sun.

It has been specially designed to suit and accommodate MBA students at the Insead and we offer a range of services for a monthly fee all inclusive.


Villa Fonty, for its welcoming and personal approach, is a sought-after residence in Fontainebleau.




Address: 12 Rue Bouquet, 77300 Fontainebleau


Description: 4 apartments, fully furnished.

Communal areas: Kitchen, dining room and living room, utility room with washing machine dryer,

and garden.


Rates: from 560 euros to 1100 euros all inclusive

Details: council tax, water, electricity, heating, broadband internet, weekly cleaning service of the apartments and communal areas, 

maintenance of machines and appliances,

and garden maintenance.

Everything has been carefully thought through so residents can focus on their MBA studies and enjoy their stay at Villa Fonty Housing.



My name is Pascal Sautelet, I spent 20 years in this house, my children grew up here, we have many cherished memories that are dear to our heart.

For the last 10 years now I have been renting the house out exclusively to MBA students looking for a residence in Fontainebleau during their academic term at the Insead Business School.

I run it as business and enjoy it, doing my utmost to provide a friendly and reliable service, always happy to hear your comments. 

Working as a cameraman I have travelled extensively and often in countries where some of my residents come from. Being able to continue learning from other cultures is stimulating. I am very pleased that Villa Fonty has become a residence and coliving space for international business students coming from Singapore, the Americas, India, or Europe. 

I currently work as a lighting designer in the theatre and entertainment industry. My endeavour is for you to keep wonderful memories of your time at Villa Fonty and Fontainebleau.

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Testimonials from previous Villa Fonty Residents

"I can only say positive things about Atélier Fonty and Pascal, the landlord. In my opinion it is the single best value for one's living situation at INSEAD, since you get all the benefits of living and bonding with roommates (only three, so just enough) while still having the privacy to retreat to where you can get away from it all. I was here all year with my wife (except for the P3 exchange to Singapore) so I can say with lots of certainty that the space is very good to live in and feels like a welcoming home.

On foot, you're only 4 minutes from the grocery store, 10 minutes from downtown, and fewer than 10 minutes from campus. Villa Fonty is so close to campus that I frequently came home to have coffee with my wife after lunch and in between classes during the week. 

Then there is Pascal, the landlord. Simply put, he's one of the best landlords we've had. He really is very attentive to your needs and will immediately get to work on anything that needs fixing in the house. He's very charming and usually comes over every other week to do some gardening and keep the space looking nice. He is also very accessible and always only a WhatsApp message away! 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I cannot recommend Villa Fonty enough." 

- Jorge Martínez-Blat 


”Staying at Villa Fonty has definitively enriched my INSEAD experience. It is a big house located just 5 min walking to Campus. Compared to other big villas, there are only 4-5 housemates at Villa Fonty, enough people to bundle properly and to get to know very well. Not only the rooms are spacious, but also the common spaces; the dinning room can host several people comfortably. One of my best memories at Villa Fonty was our endless dinners at the garden. 

Pascal, the landlord, is very attentive and always doing his best to provide an excellent accommodation for us.

I totally recommend to chose Villa Fonty for your INSEAD experience. Please feel free to contact me for further reference.”

José Miguel 


"I stayed at Villa Fonty for 6 months and would definitely recommend it. Pascal is very helpful when needed. The house is very close to INSEAD (5 min walking distance) and to the Center (10 mins walking) with grocery stores close by. 

The house has all the amenities required, no need to bring anything with you.

Thank you.





If you have any queries not already answered on the FAQ page, please email me directly.  

Villa Fonty Housing

12 Rue Bouquet,

77300 Fontainebleau


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Villa Fonty Housing

A charming residence for MBA students at the Insead Business School